About us:

Researchers and therapists of art believe that using coloring books stimulates the mind and leads to the blossoming of emotional creativities in adolescence, youth and older ages. Making use of such method helps expressing emotions through different colors and implementing them on paper. Beside psychological and spiritual treatment (such as depression) especially during pregnancy, reduction of daily stress and anxiety as well as healing the Alzheimer’s disease, it is also regarded as a suitable entertainment among different ages and a hobby for family gatherings. Adults’ coloring books have been introduced since four years ago all around the world and are now among the best-selling books in the market. With respect to the individuals’need for peace and calmness and   avoiding

daily stress, which we deal with in workplace or daily life, this group tries to highlight the importance of adult’s coloring books and art therapy science that play a great role in the reduction of stress the treatment of Alzheimer’s at the old ages. These books have also had effective psychological effects on different groups of people and have taken good steps in this area in the last year and managed to take the attention of many constitutions after man attempts. Moreover, this group attempted to publish such valuable books for the first time in the world so that it could gain popularity among its audience with its high quality just like other best- selling adults’ coloring books in the last years. Also, in addition to promoting culture and entering the treatment sector, it has taken good measures to create diverse jobs and apply different groups of people in this arena and tried to expand the culture both in the spiritual direction and in the business direction. We hope to witness the quality improvement of such collection of adults’ coloring books in the near future and the expansion of Iranian and Islamic culture around the world through the support of culture and art activists. It is obvious that the implementation of various programs, audience satisfaction as well as providing post – sales services (support, images’ psychology, holding periodic competitions, specialized counseling of coloring tools, customers’ club, etc.) for a book makes it extraordinary. Therefore, it should say that: It is not just a book.